Nine Dollars

Good news! I made it in to get my $9 roll of film developed just in time tonight! I’m kind of so-so about the photos in general. I really need to work on my photography skills. Paul’s brother John just took a photography class and was giving me some tips so I’m excited to get another roll of film and try them out. In the meantime I’ll be posting a couple pictures a day – please let me know what you think. I always appreciate your comments : )

These were both taken in the Pearl District of Portland, just a day or two after Christmas. That Wieden + Kennedy building was recently linked on notcot for creating these awesome cards you can give to canvassers on the street: “I know you are just doing your job but…”

*click images for full view

6 responses to “Nine Dollars

  1. Loving the graininess. They’ve got a retro feel.
    I’ve always wanted to visit Portland – looking forward to seeing more pictures :)

    • thanks : )
      i took a photo class in high school but i’ve only really been doing it since i went to japan last fall. i use a canon eos rebel k2.

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