Sage Green

I made a hat last night/this morning:

What do you think? Do you like the ball on top? I’m not so sure about it…

I’ve been a knitting machine the past month or so – four hats and four scarves! My aunt used to have a yarn shop in downtown Vancouver but she closed it recently and her basement is still full of crates and crates of yarn. I was lucky to be able to raid it during winter break. Now I just need to apply myself and learn how to make something other than hats and scarves!

Today is going to be a good day, I’m sure of it. : )

Here’s the song (and video) that’s putting me in such a good mood:

*Photos taken with Photo Booth


20 responses to “Sage Green

  1. I’ve been wanting to knit this winter, but I haven’t had any time to get some yarns.. Maybe I’ll go out tomorrow and get some :)
    Btw, the ball looks super cute!

  2. Allison, I’m envy! you are good at knitting! I tried to knit a scarf once, it turn out ok but nothing to scream about. I want to learn proper knitting! But we don’t need knit hats or scarfs in Malaysia though…*laugh*

    • Hahaha but you certainly do in Tokyo! You should take it up again as a hobby.. it is kind of addictive though and I know how busy you are!

  3. Great song! So amazing to come across this bc I just returned from India two days ago and visited many towns similiar to the ones in the video. Makes me miss it. Thanks :) And I loveeeee your hat!

  4. i love the hat! and the ball – the ball is the best part. i for some reason consider people with hats with balls to be humouristic people. because there’s something sweet and funny about the ball. keep it! i have been a knitting machine as well…although my project has a slow progress. (read: not finished yet) have a great weekend allison : )

    • Haha thanks Lea – I’m glad you have that image of people with balls on their hats!

      What is your current knitting project?

      • my current knitting project is also my first one so i tried to keep it simple and knit a hand towel (to use in the kitchen) my grandmother always makes these in a nice pattern where you knit four and purl four etc. it’s not finished yet but i will put it on the blog once it is finished : )

  5. i love the hat ! I recently learned to knit too and it is SO ADDICTING. I found that you can learn to knit anything online, I just learned to cable ! have you been to the yarn shop in the U-district yet? it is dangerous . . .
    can’t wait to see more creations . . .

    • I tried to cable once and found it so confusing! Granted I was using a really fuzzy yarn that was hard to see well… maybe I should try again.

      Everytime I walk over by that yarn shop I’m tempted to go in. Its quite expensive though, know of any other yarn shops in the area?

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