They Live!

These photos are from a wall of posters up on Capitol Hill that’s always fun to stop and look at. I recommend full view so you can see what they all say.

Alright, you may have noticed that I made some changes on this thing – new header, new format, and the links are moved (click on the header where it says “links” to see). What do you think? I’m not sure about that header, I’ll probably change it in a few days, I just wanted something new. As for the links page, if I’ve forgotten you or you want to be on it – let me know and I’ll see what I can do ; ) Now I’m off to hang out in the city with my dad!

*click images for full view

**taken with fujicolor pro 400h film on my canon eos rebel k2


13 responses to “They Live!

  1. Hello! Cool format! header is a cool pic but the type is getting a bit lost I think. Maybe if you knocked the colour back a little bit. I dunno.

    Can i please be on your links? :)

  2. these are great, i love to read these kinds of things when i’m in the city. in your first photograph, intrigued by ‘hippo schemes, we make it fresh’, i visited their website and unfortunately, it leads nowhere.

    love your new layout. your side bar looks clean and the tabs keep everything organized. and thanks for adding the blog to your links page — i’m a 24:00 fan girl and it’s an honor to be on your list!

  3. New layout works well. I’m stoked to be added on the links page too!

    I saw a huge graffiti bomb on my way to work this morning, and I’ll take a photo of for you to say thanks.

  4. i really like the new look! everything looks very neat and clear.
    and thanks for adding me to your links :D

  5. Your pics are great! I’m new to the photography thing, but I’ve realized I love taking pics of these kinds of things. Can you tell me where this spot is in Capitol Hill? I may want to take a a few shots this weekend.

    Thanks. You do great work.

    • Hey Paul,

      I think its around 11th and Pine.. Its just a block or so north of Caffe Vita, if you know where that is. Some other things nearby are.. lets see.. I think Gray Gallery and bar, Barca, and a big park! Good luck and I look forward to seeing your pictures.

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