These photos were both taken on Capitol Hill during a short burst of clear skies last week. Do you see the black-ish squiggly line on these photos (if you click for full view)? I’ve noticed it on a couple others from this roll, namely that blue out of focus flower from the other day. Any thoughts on what may have caused that?

Today my mom and I drove up to Seattle and it was a pretty nice day! Before leaving though we visited my grandparents and my grandpa gave me his old Yashica camera, which looks something like this:

How cool is that? Its one of those cameras you look down into. I’m extremely excited to track down some film for it and give it a try!! I’ll probably be able to post a picture of it within the next few days.

*click images for full view

**taken with fujicolor pro 400h film on my canon eos rebel k2

15 responses to “Yashica

  1. That is so cool to get a working one of those! Looking forward to seeing what you can take with it : )

  2. wow! so jealous, i’d like to have a camera like that! i have a kodak duaflex, but you cannot buy film for it (i think you can in e-bay from a few sellers, but it’s very expensive) and the focus it’s different. i hope you’ll show some pictures soon! ^^

  3. I have a Yashica-C and I love it! So far I’ve only shot one roll with it, but there will be plenty more. Good luck with yours!

  4. holy crap, that camera is so old! any picture you take with that is going to be gold.

  5. wow!! a yashica!! i love its retro look, though it appears pretty intimidating.

    i see the squiggly in those photos blown up… how mysterious.

  6. Hi – have you taken a close look at your negatives to see if the dashed squiggly lines are visible in them too? You might need a loupe or other magnifying glass to see fine enough, or even drop by one of the UW campus labs and see if you can use one of their dissecting microscopes briefly; or maybe try “slide projecting” light through the negatives onto a white wall in a dark room.

    If it IS on the negatives you have lots of possibilities…was the film damaged, distorted or mishandled? Is there some dirt or grease somewhere in/on your camera’s optic path? If it’s NOT on the negatives you might ask your film processor if they possibly have a dirty roller or something else flawed in their print handling procedure.

    BTW good for you for resurrecting Gpa’s old Yashica! Do you want my old Canon AE-1 body, macro and zoom lenses to add to your collection? — the shutter mechanism has a problem I don’t know what it would take to fix, but the lenses are good.

    • I think it had something to do with the way the film was handled, because I just got another roll and there are no strange marks on it.

      If you’re really offering that stuff I would LOVE to have it!! That’s so nice of you! AHhh! : )

  7. allison, congratulations, you’re grandpa handed you a relic. i’ve shot one in college and it’s very fun to use. It’s a tank but the photos that come out are great. glad you now have a medium format camera.

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