Creatures of Curiosity!

'Let's be super awkward!'

Paul took this!

My pal Karl had a really fun art show a couple weeks ago at the Assemble Gallery and Studio in Greenwood. It was called ZOO! Creatures of Curiosity and featured these HUGE mythical creatures with the most entertaining descriptions you can imagine. There was a cyclops rhinoceros, a two headed ostrich, a zion… you get the idea! I bought a couple of the small square pieces – one of the Mr. Stemke Polar Bear (the polar bear wearing a tie) for myself, and one Zion for my friend as a birthday gift.

Check out more of his work here: Partybots – Eco Apparel (Look he prints his drawings on organic cotton clothing!) and here: idrawalot

*click images for full view

**taken with fujicolor pro 400h film on my canon eos rebel k2


14 responses to “Creatures of Curiosity!

  1. I’m missing my social life so hard. Next saturday I will have my important test and then I will stay in beach the rest of my life drinking mojitos and eating cupcakes…well, maybe not haha.

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