Then & Now

Today I took my new (used) Yashica-C in to Glazer’s camera shop in downtown Seattle and bought some 120 film. Then I dropped it off at a repair shop because the shutter speed thingamajig is stuck. Hopefully there aren’t too many things wrong with it… I really want to get started using it! The guy who sold me the film spoke pretty glowingly about these dual lens cameras – said that in the 40s and 50s they were the thing. All the pro photographers – like Robert Doisneau – used TLRs, and manufacturers started making cameras like my Yashica for the amateur photographers that wanted to take pictures like the pros.

That’s it in the bottom left corner of the last picture by the way (with my lovely mother!). The pile of leather next to it is what WAS a really cool camera case… unfortunately the stitching all came undone. Anyone know where I could take a leather camera case to get fixed?

*click images for full view

**taken with kodak ultramax 400 film on my canon eos rebel k2 ( I still have more from the $9 roll but I could resist posting some of the film I got developed today!)


7 responses to “Then & Now

  1. I really love the second photo down from the top.

    Oh, and I’m not too well versed in the repair department, but maybe you could try an alterations store? I want to even say a hardware store if the leather + stitching is heavy duty. But I could be totally wrong lol.

  2. Hey!
    Its such an amazing pic… ur mom’s … do tell her that she is very pretty! :-)
    And as for you… Kudos all the way from India!
    Take Care!

  3. Ooh, that’s a good-looking camera. I work at Glazer’s (found your site through our google alerts) and though I walk by that scenery every day, it looks different as seen through your camera. Hope your Yashica comes back in full working condition for you.

    • Hey Lindsey, thanks for commenting : )
      I got a call from the shop and they said it’ll be around $100 in repairs..ahh good thing it was just payday! : (

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