Let us embarrass someone you love

Here are a couple more pictures from that wall of posters on Capitol Hill I mentioned a few days ago. I recommend clicking for full view so you can read the posters!

Today Paul and I had lunch at the farmers market – green chile tamales and roasted vegetables – and bought some day old bread at 1/2 price, studied at a coffee shop, and then cooked a small feast. I did not finish Invisible Man, nor did I run… but hey, there’s still tomorrow right? ; )

By the way, I changed my banner again. Do you like it?

*click images for full view

**taken with fujicolor pro 400h film on my canon eos rebel k2

13 responses to “Let us embarrass someone you love

  1. Lovely banner… weekend plans included nothing in particular, but I went to see a friend’s band last night at Kelly’s and tonight there was an awesome custom motorcycle show just off of Interstate on Tillamook (I’ll have pictures up soon). Tomorrow should be good for running too!

  2. Ahh, I like this new banner!
    And hey, about lenses and the focus in my photos… I’ve got a couple of 50mm f/2 lying around that I never use (I’m a complete sucker for f/1.4 and never use anything else). They are manual lenses for and by Pentax with k-mount (one of them might be a Ricoh lense, I’m not sure, but still with k-mount), but if you’re interested I’d totally send you one. You could probably get an adapter ring for it. I got a Pentax K-mount to Canon EOS adapter ring on Ebay so I could use them on my digital Canon before I got the Canon lense, it was really clever! Anyway, I don’t know which lense you are using on your rebel, but if you’re interested just let me know yeah? I should probably have emailed you with this but my internet time is really limited at the moment!

  3. I like the new banner! :)

    It’s always interesting reading the posters on those boards.. such a cool mix of things.

  4. more posters — yay!

    sounds like you had a relaxin’ sunday. yes, there’s always running for another day. and yes, i’m lovin’ your banner. i really like the red pompoms (i’ve been pom pom crazy lately).

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