Brittany at her former job in the Pearl. Now she’s in COPENHAGEN! (I’m insanely jealous).

I don’t know if I’ve made it clear on here, but I don’t ever edit the film photos I upload here (all photos are film unless I say otherwise) beyond straightening or rotating. There are a number on this roll though like these that I wish I could touch up a bit. What are your thoughts on this editing business? I feel a little dishonest digitally altering photos I took with my film camera…

By the way, I found a new way to share my flickr photos with you! I saw this and figured out how to make my own. Its a much better way to look at flickr photos, don’t you think?

ihardlyknowher.com/allisonoconnor or for only large view ihardlyknowher.com/allisonoconnor/big. Maybe now that I have this I’ll be better about uploading to flickr! Maybe.

*click images for full view

**taken with fujicolor pro 400h film on my canon eos rebel k2


13 responses to “Editing

  1. hmmm, i see what you’re saying. maybe think of it more as salvaging the picture? i dunno. it seems so unnatural to do, yet you put time and money into each freaking exposure that you wanna get the most out of a roll. i’d say just do it but still say you don’t. so lie.

    or use your digital camera like the good ol days. i still really like those ones.

    • yeah i guess, even though i do care about the analog aspect of it, i still want to produce a cool picture! if i mess up, why not fix it..

  2. I’d like to live in Copenhague so badly. But I studyed medicine and it’s pretty difficult to try to work in a hospital speaking spanish or english.
    So, for now i’m going there next month for vacations. I will take a lot of pics <3.

  3. That ihardlyknowher thing is cool! I am a bad flickr-er, I never update :/

    I see the dilemma on altering film shots, I guess it is up to how strongly you feel about keeping it pure film. Personally I think a little contrast tweak or something is ok. Sometimes though it is what is bad about the film shots (over exposure or grain etc) that makes them have that special film quality. I don’t know, I’m rambling, as I am 99% digital photographer I am no help really :)

  4. about editing film… i think that you have to be satisfied about your pictures. so, you can choose between editing your photos or not, but it’s your choice. i don’t think it’s wrong to edit film if you want to, as most people do with their digital shots. also, i guess you don’t have to “lie” if you make some minor editions, because it’s not something you have to be ashamed of. i don’t edit my film pictures very often, and usually what i do is resize and crop (sometimes).
    by the way, i like your new banner: the bit of red works great with the grey sky and buildings

    • I think you’re right. I guess if i do decide to edit them I can just say that – then its not like I’m hiding anything.

  5. I feel the same way as you do about editing film photos. I’ve never edited the colours but a couple of times I had to salvage some by reducing the noise level. I think tweaking of colours is sacrilegious. That’s what I think :] Brittany is a lucky girl! I just met a girl who’s from Copenhagen and our mentalities are two vast oceans. It’s very interesting!

    Heart the new banner too, the red circles are perfectly composed.

  6. photoshop is my *dark room*. i openly edit all the photos that i take with my nikon d40. i resize, rotate, brighten, darken, sharpen, blur, use filters, add borders etc… until i become a better photographer, i think i shall always rely on photoshop to do these things and find nothing shameful about it.

    that said, i admire your edit-free photos immensely.

    • I completely agree with you, and I couldn’t have said it better. I have an idea of how I’d like my pictures to look, but I don’t yet have the skill to make it work. The majority of the pics I post to my blog have had the contrast increased (at least).

      For the images on this site, it works as is, and they’re great. To me, it’s just a matter of preference of who is taking the picture.

  7. With film, I try not to touch (only because I want to remind and force myself to take better photos next time). But don’t they already correct it when they print or scan it for you anyway? It’s really hard to say because technically once the analogue images are uploaded, they are no longer analogue…

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