approach it through division

i. My brother ben at Jewel of India, my favorite lunch buffet in Seattle, ii. Twice Sold Tales is a used bookstore on the Ave that is also home to several cats. There is a sign on the door that says something like, “If your bag is big enough to fit a cat, check it in,” iii. Ben & our mom at Cafe Flora.

I don’t know if you noticed but I’ve decided to start linking my photos through Flickr, rather than uploading them to wordpress – simply because I’m running out of space on wordpress and I just paid to have my Flickr Pro account renewed. Please let me know if there are any viewing issues!

Today I finished reading Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison and I thought I’d share a quote from it that I really liked:

“…too much of your life will be lost, its meaning lost, unless you approach it as much through love as through hate. So I approach it through division. So I denounce and I defend and I hate and I love.”

Here’s to tomorrow!

*click images for full view

**taken with kodak ultramax 400 film on my canon eos rebel k2


9 responses to “approach it through division

  1. Great photos! I think I usually have the same expression on my face when eating Indian food as Ben does haha.

    Now I’ve really got to get going on Invisible Man so I can talk to you about it!

  2. i don’t know if it’s just the window, but that cat looks really big. like a lynx or bobcat.

  3. That cat does look really huge haha.

    That’s a cool quote. I’m looking for a good book to read, would you recommend Invisible Man?

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