The Globe

These are some of the photos I took on campus with John the other day. The first three were taken with his FD 80-210mm telephoto lens. The last one was taken with my usual 28-90mm lens. The telephoto lens was pretty fun, I felt like a paparazzi I could see things so far away!

Speaking of fun – I liked reading through your responses about what you associate with the year 1999-2000. I wonder what we’ll remember about this year… Autotune masterpieces (disasters?)? Pocahontas in space?

* taken with kodak ultra max 400 on my canon eos rebel k2

**click images for full view

24 responses to “The Globe

  1. i absolutely love the last picture! i always like how you laid out the pictures :-)

    i hope you’ve been well, allison! i haven’t updated in awhile so forgive me if i’ve been mia. keep up the greaattt work!

  2. Mmmm, really like the last three photos. The white spots here and there add so much character. John’s flickr stream is super awesome too, can’t believe he has a telescopic lens!

  3. Is the last photo taken at the NYC public library? I didn’t get a chance to go there when I was in NYC.. sniff..

    • Nope its actually at the University of Washington here in Seattle. We refer to it as the “Harry Potter Library.”

  4. so good these pictures! the third one is perfectly centered. did you eyeball that? i suspect not. . . hahaha. that harry potter room looks really cool too.

    did you need anything to use that fd lens? like an adapter or something or could you just put it on your camera? fd lens’ are super cheap compared to the newer ef ones. making it a viable option for people looking to buy a lens. like me. and maybe you.

    • I DID eyeball it thank you very much! : P

      Yeah though, I had to use an FD-EF adapter (also provided by John). I think I might get one too though because it would be wayyy cheaper to buy lenses that way. We should start browsing ebay!

      • What! I know you’re pro and all, as according to your flickr account, but I don’t believe that. Hahaha, stop being so good.

        I’ve been checking online for those adapters and they’re around $50. There seem to be 2 different kinds though; with or without glass. So confusing.

  5. That library is straight out of my dreams, it does look just like Hogwarts!

  6. when i read “pocahontas” in space, i thought, “what?”. then clicking on the link was illuminating and i couldn’t help but laugh! those characters from Avatar do remind me of pocahontas. hehehehe.

    gorgeous photos. love the library. reminds me of a scene out of harry potter.

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