this weekend

photo credit: amy s. baeg

photo credit: amy s. baeg

Here are a couple more of the photos Amy took with my camera. I haven’t actually taken any shots with the Yashica-C yet but I think I’ll give it a go this weekend. I bought some film and I have the manual so hopefully I can figure it out! Anyone have some tips about how to best use it? Wish me luck that I can even successfully load the film! ; )

* taken with kodak ultra max 400 on my canon eos rebel k2

**click images for full view


4 responses to “this weekend

  1. man, you guys have so much culture compared to the scene down here in Orange County, California lol. We’ve been having massive storms lately and it reminded me how strong you Seattle residents are with the patience of living through them errday -___-

    • Well we don’t have much in the way of storms.. just constant gray and drizzle. Storms would be way more fun if you ask me! I love when it rains really hard but that hardly ever happens here. Whats the temp like there? Its in the 50s here now woo hoo!

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