One thing after another

I took these photos on my last train ride home. I’m not quite sure what they’re doing at this place but its cool to watch big pieces of metal get crushed into little ones. I really like the first photo.

Well its just one thing after another with this Yashica-C. Yesterday I went to a camera shop nearby for some supervision while I attempted to load my first roll of film, and discovered yet another problem with the camera: the mechanism that advances the film is sticking! Alas, I’ll have to take it in again and wait a while longer before taking any pictures. Bummer huh?

* taken with kodak ultra max 400 on my canon eos rebel k2

**click images for full view


11 responses to “One thing after another

  1. That’s a bummer about your Yashica. Hope it’s back soon :)
    Allison, thanks to you I think I found my new favorite music! Can’t wait to hear more of The Album Leaf’s works!

  2. Yeah, I like the first one too. Good job with the converging lines; train tracks, yellow caution line and power lines. Very pro. The other ones remind me of Manufactured Landscapes.

    Your trouble with your Yaschica reminds me of a time in high school when I bought a really old 8mm movie camera from a garage sale. It was super cheap and looked super 70’s. I bought a tape from ebay for about $50 and then realized that I needed a projector to play it on. I was like, “F this.” I eventually gave up on it and didn’t even load the tape into the camera.

  3. I have mad love for The Album Leaf! They came two year ago to play a show but my friend was screwing around with booking the tickets and somehow it ended up with me not having a ticket?! Were they awesome!!!

    • that’s such a bummer! they were really good but we made the mistake of barely eating before the show so by the time they got onstage at 11:30pm we were starving and could only think about our growling stomachs!

  4. I love The Album Leaf. I haven’t run across anyone who has even heard of them, so it’s pretty cool to see that you like them too. Listening to Window always puts me at ease.

  5. I’m sorry to hear about your Yaschica. Hopefully it will be fixed soon and you can try it out. I’m curious to see what kind of amazing photos you’ll get from it!

    I haven’t heard much of The Album Leaf but that’s a super cool song. It turns out they were in Vancouver just last night.

    I really like these industrial photos, especially the last one.. there’s so much going on!

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