Out of all the lenses John let me try, I think I enjoyed using the FD 50mm Macro lens the most. I felt like it gave me a whole new perspective on my everyday surroundings. Of course I may have noticed rain drops on a tree branch before, but not in total isolation like that.

That said however, I’m sure you’ve noticed that I care a lot about interesting photos and subject matter. While I do find a lot of the macro capabilities fun, I still find portraits like the one of John above and street scenes more interesting than water droplets.

Do you agree?

* taken with kodak ultra max 400 on my canon eos rebel k2

**click images for full view


10 responses to “MACRO

  1. I agree! I’m still not good at film photography, but I find that my digital camera is good enough for occasional macro pictures, and I like to use my film camera for more interesting shots like the last photo.

  2. i think macro is fun, and it’s a very interesting way to see the world from a different point of view. however, focussing on details or on more general pictures it’s a personal choice of the photographer, i think.
    i like the subject of your photos, and i also think it’s great to try new things sometimes: the second picture of this post is gorgeous ^^
    also, i hope you can solve the problems with your yashica camera, i’m very curious to see the pictures you’r going to take with it!

  3. hi there, I just stumbled across your blog and it’s pretty snazzy. I also just got a fancied-up camera and took some shots of similar things (tree branches and vines).

    Julia Luckett

  4. I totally agree! The first lens that I bought was a macro! I don’t know if you know this (you better know this), but I like to taking pictures of flowers. Macros are also super good for upper body portraits. And bugs. And drops of water.

    I just looked at for that lens on ebay and they’re all under $100.

    get it get it get it get it.

    • Haha yes I do indeed know you like taking pictures of flowers. Good ones at that. Are you gonna get it? I might have to wait another paycheck or two before I can.

  5. So is macro going to be your next lens you would want to get for your camera?

    Out of curiosity, you can see the list of EF Canon lenses:

    If you are curious about getting a FD mount and lens, here is a list of some one eBay:

    Just make sure you find one that has a lens element for focusing on infinity. Other then that, you can get one that can have electric pins for calculating light exposure

    • You are awesome! I’m thinking I might get one on my next paycheck. I’ll definitely let you know when I do!

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