photo by Brittany Moody

photo by Brittany Moody

photo by Brittany Moody

My lovely friend Brittany (this girl!) is studying design in Copenhagen right now and she just started a photo blog: b.moody. Aren’t these photos amazing? I wonder if there’s I way I can scrounge up enough change to fly over there for a visit…

Anyway, if you want to see more beautiful photos like these check out her blog and add it to your google reader/blogroll/whatever you use to keep track of blogs!


13 responses to “b.moody

    • That is cool!
      Are you interested in Danish food? I can’t imagine a trip of yours that would lean towards the culinary side of things!

  1. These pictures and the others on her site are amazing. Yes, I’m jealous of the ice rink, but the colors are what make the photos.

  2. Thanks friend! : )

    && scrounge $$$! I would love to explore with you please.

  3. It just seems like the colours over in Copenhagen are so crisp and minty! Hahaha minty, okay just crisp. I’m definitely adding Brittany’s blog onto my rss feed.

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