Broken Embraces

That first photo is from the Egyptian Theater – I really want to see that movie. Anyone know if its still in theaters? The second photo is of a commissioned mural on Capitol Hill. There was a post about it on a fellow Seattleite’s blog the other day..

This is a long weekend and I’m thrilled. Monday is President’s Day so we get the day off. Any exciting plans? If you’re not in The States, do you have any such holidays? Oh yeah, Sunday is Valentine’s Day too – do you celebrate that in other corners of the world?? Is it just an American thing?

* taken with kodak ultra max 400 on my canon eos rebel k2

**click images for full view


11 responses to “Broken Embraces

  1. We don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day. But I think the florists, and whoever else could benefit from it, would like us to.
    We have holidays, of course, but no days off for people or positions or anything. The buses have flags on them for royal family member’s birthdays and stuff like that. We pretty much only have Christian holidays (easter and such) mixed with some old nordic/pagan.

    • Yeah even here we celebrate it but most people acknowledge it as a “Hallmark Holiday” – you, know after the greeting card company (well, I don’t know if you have that company, haha).

      What are the nordic/pagan holidays like?

      • Basically… we don’t celebrate celebrate anything, I don’t think. Only Christmas. Midsummer night we have big bonfires, though, where we burn witches. Eh, it’s a bit weird! And I think most places they don’t burn a witch anymore, so basically just a bonfire.

  2. Valentine’s Day is pretty big here! You would actually see couple with bouquets everywhere, EVERYWHERE! To the extent that I felt like an alien without a bouquet, hohoho. Restaurants would take advantage and serve up set dinners and such. Restaurants would be crazy booked too, it’s pretty ridiculous and people really go all out.

  3. I actually was just checking the Landmark Theaters roster for movies in San Francisco and noticed they have a Seattle branch. Broken Embraces is indeed still playing in Seattle, at “Metro Cinemas.” I kinda wanted to see that movie too, but never got around to it.

    Great pictures though! (I think your picture of the mural is better than the one you linked to by the way.)

    I wish I was living in Japan for Valentine’s Day, seeing as they celebrate its counterpart, White Day, lol. I think apart from being a marketing scheme by chocolate companies, it’s a cool idea. Though, I’d probably just get a bunch of Giri Choco. QQ

    • Ah thanks for checking! I love anything with Penelope Cruz in it.

      Haha Valentine’s Day in Japan is funny. I was actually back here in the States on Spring Break last year so I didn’t get to see Valentine’s or White Day. I find the name “White Day” pretty hilarious by the way.

    • Ohh I hope you take some pictures. I thought there was a week long break in Canada right now. A couple people I know said they have school off for “reading week” or something like that.

      • Oh right, a lot of schools are giving an extended break for the Olympics. I find it so weird that they call it “reading week” here, when essentially it’s our “spring break”. Reading week just sounds so lame.

  4. Thanks for the link. That mural is definitely a good one. I love that some of the homeowners pitched in for it. It makes my house seem very boring when compared.

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