Red Umbrella

My brother went to study abroad in Germany last spring and while there took a weekend trip to Berlin with his friends. During this weekend trip he met a Canadian girl who was also there for just a few days of vacation and… I bet you can guess this part: they fell for each other instantly. He’s already flown to visit her in Winnipeg twice and this is her second time to visit Seattle as well.  Is that a romantic story fit for Valentine’s day or what? : )

I took these photos of them on Alki Beach, which might be my very favorite place in Seattle to take pictures (and is also the place I took one of the early rolls of film on my canon eos rebel, if you remember that far back!). That first photo is best viewed large so click it!

* taken with kodak ultra max 400 on my canon eos rebel k2

**click images for full view

*** PS: I forgot to say this yesterday but, Happy Chinese New Year!


14 responses to “Red Umbrella

  1. That’s a really cute story. Enough to make me envy your brother.

    It’s almost as if you gave them that red umbrella to contrast with everything. Very clever, O’Connor; carrying around a bag of props.

  2. wow, that first photo is STUNNING. their story is well-suited for Valentine’s Day. quite perfect, actually.

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