Seattle Public Library III

These are the last of the Seattle Public Library shots, I promise! My viewership dropped slightly so I know you must be getting sick of them ; p I just love how colorful this place is. Actually in general I like bookstores and libraries for that reason.

How was your weekend? Nozomi and I  are back in Seattle and I’m wondering, what should we do? If you were visiting, what about Seattle would you want to see? If you live here, what would you show off to someone from across the world who’s only here for a week?

*click images for full view (they get even bigger if you click a second time)

**taken with kodak ultramax 400 on my canon eos rebel k2


12 responses to “Seattle Public Library III

  1. cuban sandwiches
    ice hockey game on saturday night!!!
    something to do with hot dogs and gluttony (see above)
    other tourists
    the great american challenge
    japanese import stores

  2. Go to EMP. That’s like American rock history right there. And. . . that is all Hank and I could come up with. Actually, I didn’t contribute anything as I’m not really American. I’m sure she’ll like where ever you take her.

    I just thought of a place, bring her to that park with all the gas pipe thingy majiggies.

  3. yeah, definitely go to Gasworks!
    hmmm and Capitol Hill (of course!), Olympic Sculpture Park, Pioneer Square, West Seattle?, Ballard?, Taco stand, Molly Moon’s, Cupcake Royale, Theo Chocolate, Oddfellows, haha, most of the places I can think of are food places :P

  4. Your 3 sets of the library are just perfect. Makes me want to visit again soon! As for ideas…this one is Tacoma, but I love love the glass bridge there of Chihuly’s art and across the street there is the union station that has a ton of his stuff and it’s all free to the public! And this won’t surprise you, but how about also the Gum Wall in Post Alley? :)

    • We went to Post Alley today but didn’t see the Gum Wall. We walked in the wrong direction : P haha hopefully we can go before she leaves. I also take any excuse I can get to go to Pikes because the cinnamon almonds at the nut stand (the one by the magazine stand) are AMAZING.

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