Coast Starlight

These are from our train ride down to my parents’ house. Isn’t that second photo pretty?

Several people over the week asked where we were from… which was funny for me and a little strange for Nozomi, since strangers in Tokyo don’t generally talk to each other. What about you? Do you talk to strangers a lot? I never noticed how much Americans do this before I lived in Japan.

*click images for full view (they get even bigger if you click a second time)

**taken with kodak ultramax 400 on my canon eos rebel k2


17 responses to “Coast Starlight

  1. I get that question all the time, but for me, it goes like this:
    stranger: where are you from?
    me: Korea
    stranger: south or north?
    me: ….. south….


  2. Yeah! A Nozomi post.

    She looks so mesmerized by the Pacific Northwest whizzing by her.

    I like talking to strangers ONLY if I was the one who initiated the great convo that ensued. I guess I’m saying that I don’t like strangers talking to me. I just always feel so unprepared and act like a nervous, bumbling idiot who’s only response is an awkward snicker. But looking at it now, no one really initiates the convo with me, it’s always the other way around. Which means that no one ever wants to talk to me. . .

    • Haha whatever, Jacob. You’re just more outgoing than most when you want to be.

      I sometimes initiate talking to strangers. But, either way, I don’t mind who starts it; talking to strangers is fun usually.


      Great photos. I love the first one with how blurry it is outside, then how clear it is in the train. Also, the perspective is awesome.

  3. Not that I talk to strangers, I sometimes wish that there were a friendlier, more relaxed atmosphere in the Japanese society. People don’t even smile at you, do they.

  4. On the whole I would say it can be true that British people can be a bit reserved, although not as much as Japan. Americans seem so friendly! :)

  5. Really, really beautiful pictures!
    I supose in Spain we talk a lot to strangers. If you live in a turistical area (as I do) it’s usual to see foreigners, so people just talk with whoever they want. This past summer I was in a small town in the middle of Spain and two old men began to talk with me and to explain me their lifes. I ended listening to them for an hour! But it’s funny, because my grandfather also does the same all the time.

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