Hey Shorty

1) Nozomi & Karl in Post Alley, 2) Nozomi in Left Bank Books, an anarchist collective at Pike Place Market with a really cool selection of books, 3) Adrian & Karl, posing like Japanese girls at Shorty’s arcade and bar in Belltown.

Man, I need to have friends come visit more often. I did so many fun things that week!

*click images for full view (they get even bigger if you click a second time)

**taken with kodak ultramax 400 on my canon eos rebel k2


8 responses to “Hey Shorty

  1. “Hey Shorty!”って
    私のこと呼んでるのかと思ったよ:p 笑

  2. helllooooooo. less than two weeks till a bunch of hawaiians tadaima themselves in your house.

    and since i have no other way of contacting your through the internet, have you heard of local natives? go listen to airplanes and strangers things.

  3. Oh oh I love the second one of Nozomi, pensive looking. And then the last one of your friends is just way hilarious! They both look like a fun fun bunch.

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