Fremont has some really good antique/vintage stores. I got that red Samsonite bag at the same place that had the giant shoe chair Nozomi is sitting on in the second picture. We also: shared a cupcake at Flying Apron Bakery, visited the troll, and ate American style sushi at Blue C – she liked the California rolls best.

She was floored by the sushi rolls and especially the names they had – “Why are they all named after places?” You’d be pretty hard-pressed to find the likes of a “Philly Roll” in Japan. I never saw any rolls other than kappa-maki (cucumber roll) and tekka-maki (tuna roll).

*click images for full view (they get even bigger if you click a second time)

**taken with kodak ultramax 400 on my canon eos rebel k2 (Nozomi took the two photos of me in this post)

7 responses to “freeeeeemont

  1. that’s hilarious. what’s in Philly Roll? :)
    i want your red bag — it looks like the perfect camera bag.

  2. Nice bag! I like the middle photo.. the store looks so funky and it’s a cool portrait that doesn’t seem too ‘posed’. :)

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