Funny Faces

My Hawaiian hermano**, Ben T., is going to look at these photos and say “Ugh look how dumb they are!” Just thinking about it cracks me up. Ben is the kind of person that’s funny all the time, whether he intends to be or not. I called him one day and said “Hola hermano” (“Hey brother”) and he said “Ohh… this is Ben…”

I guess I take it for granted that everyone seems to know at least a few words in Spanish here. : )

Hope you all have wonderfully energetic and funny Monday’s (or Tuesday’s for those of you on the other side of the world!)

*click images for full view/ taken with Kodak 400 on my Canon EOS Rebel K2 (you know the spiel, right?)

**If you weren’t following this blog while I was in Japan, Ben was my replacement brother while I was away from home. He has the same name as my brother, and they’re the same age!

10 responses to “Funny Faces

  1. The first photo is absolutely adorable. I really want to take a picture like that but never had a chance to see a dog so close up like that yet. It’s awesome that you have a replacement brother!

    • The funny thing is, I was crouching down to take a picture of the dog from a little bit further away and he turned at walked right up to the camera!

  2. I think you’re mistaking my “awkwardness” for funny. I am SO awkward. Also, look how dumb those faces are. They’re so dumb.

  3. hehe.. I agree with you Allison even though I’ve only met Ben once. I remember I laughed so much when we went to Hideto’s house together :o

    p/s: good job on these photos! both very kawaii :)

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