Saint Patrick

photo credit to Paul

Oh, if only it looked like this today! Now the wind is blowing so hard I hear they’ve closed a bridge and several neighborhoods have lost power. I guess that’s spring in Seattle for you.

There’s a lot of green in these pictures so lets consider this a St. Patrick’s Day post! : P I always think its a bummer when I can’t be home on this holiday. Its one of those “Hallmark” holidays we do kind of celebrate at my house. My grandpa was from Ireland so my dad always cooks some of the dishes his dad made or talked about. I can’t say that as a kid I was terribly fond of blood sausage and beans, but I do like soda bread and cabbage… and beer : )

Do you do anything for St. Patrick’s Day?

*click images for full view

**taken with kodak 400 on my canon eos rebel k2


13 responses to “Saint Patrick

  1. Happy St Patrick’s Day! I am half Irish and it is the tradition that all my family wear green today (even my dad who is not Irish but Japanese) :D

  2. Nice green in these photos! The shadows/light in the last one is really great.

    I think Vancouver was supposed to get some of that intense wind, but it must have passed us by because the weather is really nice today.

    My family doesn’t do much for St Patrick’s day, but I’m pretty sure everyone in our house is wearing green today.

  3. Well, St. Patricks day is right now. I’m not wearing green. I never really did it when I was small. I also don’t really remember anyone pinching me for not doing it. I remember my mom making corn beef and cabbage though. I don’t know if they do this on the mainland, but we ate it with rice. So good.

  4. man, that wind sounds monstrous!

    didn’t do anything for St. Patrick’s day except wear green to work. but, i gotta admit, if i weren’t a vegetarian, i’d dive into a plate of blood sausages and beans. i’ve been craving meat lately!

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