Took these on Hawthorne Ave in SE Portland last weekend. Does anyone know, do they burn the posters off of these poles? Or rip them all down? I’ve always been curious…

I’m pretty bummed that my friends are leaving soon. Its been so fun. I’m going to start saving for Hawaii immediately. According to them its the most boring place imaginable but I highly doubt I’ll agree.

*click images for full view// taken with kodak 400 film on my canon eos rebel k2


7 responses to “Close-up

  1. I always just thought the rain made them melt into a pulp, but I could be wrong.

    Really cool pictures. Portland is…far away.

  2. I’ve seem people ripping them off. Like Hank said, the rain makes it look all brown and all. I see a face in the second photo, cute!

  3. Allison, don’t believe them. You’ll have so much fun WHEN (not if) you go. Just get a plane ticket. I can faithfully say that everything else will be taken care of: food, transportation, accommodations, water falls, getting sun burnt, misc. I speak on behalf of everyone that you know in Hawaii.

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