Small Pleasures

Parks designed for children are definitely still fun as adults (“adults”). When we were living in Japan, Ben & I always stopped to swing when we happened upon one of those tiny inner-city park swing-sets. I remember it feeling especially fun because we were always just surrounded by a sea of stressed out businessmen in black suits – it was like we were in on some secret means to happiness they couldn’t see.

Do you have any small pleasures like that?

*click images for full view//taken with kodak 400 on my canon eos rebel k2

11 responses to “Small Pleasures


    Allison, why didn’t you discuss with us about these deep thoughts that you have on playgrounds?! I’m sure we all (minus Alan, of course) could have had a deep convo on adult and childhood. Oh wells, we’ll save that for next time =].

    Looking between that second picture and this one seems really cool to me. It’s like what we were both seeing at that exact same time.

  2. I like going to the park too, just to watch dogs and kites and be away from the computer. But what works the best for me are SUPERMARKETS! And drug stores too cos I’m addicted to toiletries :\

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