Humphrey & Ingrid

Here are some photos of the Fremont (Almost Free) Outdoor Cinema. I’ve never been to see a movie there but I bet it would be lots of fun. Have you? Fremont seems like it would be such a great neighborhood to live in – look at its website!

In other news, my uncle Brian has sent me his old Canon AE-1 camera and I’m anxiously awaiting its arrival! I think I’ll be able to use the AE-1 lenses on my Canon EOS Rebel too, now that I have that FD-EF adaptor. I’m sure some of you are wondering whatever happened to the Yashica-C my grandpa gave me. I haven’t lost it, I’m just saving up to get it fixed. One of these days…

Thanks, by the way, for all your comments and suggestions about what might have happened to my film yesterday. I really appreciate them!

*click images for full view//taken with kodak 800 on my canon eos rebel k2

16 responses to “Humphrey & Ingrid

  1. Oh, cool. I think you should use the canon ae-1 as is. It’s an old style slr which would help you to learn how to use manual settings better. There’s no “P” setting!

  2. i’m excited to see photos from this new camera! i keep seeing really old cameras in thrift shops here but they’re still $$$

  3. I heard Canon AE-1 is a great camera. My friend owns one although I have not seen any of her works. I just saw a medium format Yashica on sale on local kijiji, but it’s so expensive I think I’ll stick to 35mm for now.

    • Oh really? I’m even more excited to try it out!

      There are a lot of Yashicas on sale on ebay for ~$60, maybe you could try there.

  4. i love fremont! me and my honey lived there for a few years, but we recently moved away. i only saw one outdoor film while i lived up the street.

  5. The AE-1 is a swell camera, that’s what I got from my parents. I got the AE-1 Program, so I could actually use the “P” mode if I wanted, but usually use manual.

    To date, the Canon AE-1 is the most well sold SLR camera. I think there about 5 million sold around the world:

    Honestly thought, your K2 is leaps above in terms of the features it can use:

    -Shutter speed: 1/2000 to 30″ (vs. 1/1000 to 2″)
    -Built-in flash

    • Oh is it really? What are the odds! Thanks for the info about it, I’m even more excited. I’m sure what I have now is easier and more convenient to use, but it will be nice to try something different and challenge myself a little.

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