Superheadz Golden Half Bike Ride!

I finally got my first roll of film developed from the Superheads Golden Half toy camera that I won on Jackie (of the blog december seventeen)’s giveaway a couple months ago! Since its a half frame camera that takes two shots for every frame it took me a pretty long time to get through. It was certainly fun to use but I need some work. I’d say about a third of the pictures were total failures, and a lot of them aren’t even two shots per frame! I guess I didn’t advance the film all the way ; )

Anyway these pictures are from this past weekend. The weather was nice so Paul & I went for a bike ride. It was probably a bad idea to try and take pictures while riding my bike (that’s my lens cap I’m biting) but I’m glad I did – look how much fun we were having!

Thanks again for the camera, Jackie!

*click images for full view//taken with fujifilm 400 on my superheadz golden half (Paul took the first two photos of me).

9 responses to “Superheadz Golden Half Bike Ride!

  1. Love it! It looks like you are having fun :) I like your helmet too. Mine is more like the one Paul is wearing.

  2. These photos came out nicely! I love your action shots, looks like you guys had a great time! I haven’t biked in a long time, last time I rode my bike I fell pretty hard while trying to miss a person and well, let’s just say I’m a little traumatized.
    The camera works well on sunny day but you probably figured it out by now!

    • Oh no! I hope you’re able to get back on soon!

      I definitely did figure the sunny day thing out …the hard way. Haha : )

  3. Aww..nice photos :) I wanna ride a bike too! This half frame toy camera sounds fun! Does it mean that you’ll get to take 72 pictures from a roll of film of 36??

    • Yep, that’s what it means. Even taking 48 shots for a 24 roll felt like it took forever, so I doubt I’ll be buying a 36 roll for it anytime soon.

  4. wow, these shots turned out really really nice!

    also, this is gonna be the last time that i say this ever: you are so pretty, Allison!

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