It sure doesn’t look like this today.

The forecast says rain all day so I hope you’ll forgive me for giving up on my bike goal so quickly! Yesterday when I was riding all I could think about was how grateful I am that human beings evolved to have eyelashes – I can’t even tell you how many bugs flew into my face! : P

*click images for full view//taken with fujifilm 400 on my Superheadz Golden Half camera


16 responses to “Today

  1. No Allison I can’t forgive you, you must ride your bike in the rain! JK JK!
    These came out very nicely. We still don’t have much leaves on trees here, I can’t wait to see some flowers!

  2. wow, I loveLOVE the second photo! heh I once had a cockroach zip by my face… this huge black thing flying toward me in the middle of the night – I swear I must have had unknown lightning reflexes to dodge it.

  3. I’m glad that we could bring the sunshine with us during our visit! Sorry about your shortened bike ride though, I saw Michelle’s pics and remembered how much you love wearing that helmet, haha

  4. I love the pictures you’ve been taking with this camera!!! They look beautiful! Are the cherry blossoms gone now? Most of them are gone now, but some just started blooming up here in Vancouver… maybe they aren’t cherry blossoms……

    I’m going to Seattle on the night of the 27th! and will leave on the morning of the 29th!!! When are you free?
    I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU!!!! <3

    • Yeah they’re all gone..But at least everything is green again. I will definitely be here and FREE! I can’t wait to see you!! : )

  5. I think this is a great series.

    We’re only just starting to see the new season’s shoots on the trees here in Copenhagen.

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