Self-Portrait (an attempt, at least)

I took these quite a while ago after looking at a bunch of portrait photography on flickr. To be honest, I probably never would have posted them because I’m not terribly happy with the way they came out, but I’m running out of pictures to post (since my last roll of film came out blank)!

I used self-timer, which is why neither photo is centered and the first one is totally out of focus. I like that strip of pink on the left side of the second photo, but I wish I looked slightly happier : P

Anyway, I’m looking forward to taking some pictures with my Canon AE-1 this weekend – at least one roll!

*click images for full view// taken with kodak 400 on my canon eos rebel k2


27 responses to “Self-Portrait (an attempt, at least)

  1. Nah but self portraits are hard! I just had a portrait project for class and self portraits were difficult cause i didnt know how to PORTRAY myself whereas if someone else takes the picture they decide for you. Also you don’t know how you look since youre on the opposite side of the viewfinder so you kinda have to predict how things will turn out. like it sounds like you didnt mean to make that face in the second one(?) but i like how it turned out. BTW half the portraits turned in for that class were nudes. Go figure. Whats with the association of nudity with art anyway? Sorry this post is superlong

    • Exactly! I think when I took these I just wanted to see how well I could even take a picture of myself from the other side of the camera. If I did it again I would think a lot more about the background and my own facial expression to better represent myself.

      That’s interesting that your classmates did nude photos! Maybe they’re just more liberated people than us ; P

  2. i think both are good, but i specially like the second one :)also, self-portraits are always hard to take, and a analogue camera without auto-focus doesn’t help at all.
    i really want to see pictures with the canon ae-1, so jealous!

    • Actually I do at least have auto-focus on my canon eos rebel. I won’t with the canon ae-1 though, so we’ll see!

  3. you’re gonna think this is strange, but i think that they look very totalitarian futuristic looking. if the lens were to zoom out, i imagine a super minimalistic monotone living room with super retro furniture. know what i’m saying? i watch/read too much sci fi.

  4. I second Melly, your lashes are amazing. I actually really like them, I love the bluish background that’s not really consistent in the whole frame, it’s almost like vignetting!

    • Thanks Jackie (& Melly!). It does kind of look like vignetting. The more I look at it the pink does sort of balance out the darkness on the right side of the photo.

  5. Holy sweet fancy Moses! I DIIIIIIIIIIIG your pix. If these aren’t to your satisfaction, man, I gotta see the ones you luuuuurve…

    Second pic, v. v. Italian.

  6. Just an observation/qustion, but does your view count graph thing spike when you post pictures of yourself?

  7. Man, you are awfully good looking!
    Also, the Canon Ae-1 is really cool! I used my uncle’s a bit while I was in Korea. It’s nice to work with.
    Also, did you still want that 50mm f/2 lense? Because I looked around my place and I threw out the envelope you sent me stuff in without writing down your address! So please send me an email if you’d like me to send it to you!

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