Portrait Week: Kelsey

Kelsey is also a long-time friend that I met in high school. We discovered one day in AP U.S. history class that we had a shared love for old movies and decided (along with another Kelsy) to start having regular “old movie nights.” For the first one we watched Red Dust, starring the “man’s man” Clark Gable – purely because the description on the back mentioned something about “explosive consequences.” It was hilarious, of course and I highly recommend watching it.

Here’s a rather fanciful description from imdb: Conditions are spartan on Dennis Carson’s Indochina rubber plantation during a dusty dry monsoon. The latest boat upriver brings Carson an unwelcome guest: Vantine, a floozy from Saigon, hoping to evade the police by a stay upcountry. But Carson, initially uninterested, soon succumbs to Vantine’s ostentatious charms…until the arrival of surveyor Gary Willis, ill with malaria, and his refined but sensuous wife Barbara. Now the rains begin, and passion flows like water…

*click images for full view//taken with kodak 400 & 35mm FD lens on my Canon EOS Rebel K2


12 responses to “Portrait Week: Kelsey

  1. Haha that story reminded me of how my friend Bryan and I would always pick movies out by how funny their descriptions sounded to us. We ended up watching some horrible films but some of them turned out to be pretty hilarious.

  2. I’ve gotta check that movie out haha.

    Great photos and concept for this week!

    • Thanks Hank, I’m glad you like it. Since the feedback has been pretty good I’m thinking about doing more portraits in the future.

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