Portrait Week: The Twins

This adorable pair is Cassie & Mollie (Jean’s in there too). It happens to be their birthday today so everyone wish them a happy birthday!

I lived with them for the summer a couple years ago, and…what an experience. I remember coming home to my room once and turning around my chair to sit down at my desk only to be scared to death by Cassie, who jumped out of the chair to surprise me. Another day when I was studying they just came in to my room and took a nap for a while with no explanation. Mollie watched a lot of Friends, Cassie watched a truly impressive number of Korean dramas, and they both talked incessantly of Harry Pottter. Basically, there was never a dull moment. The only complaint I had was the large poster in the living room of Jay Chou, fiercely pointing his sword at me every time I left my room…

These aren’t very well done photographs, but the subjects are pretty cute, right? : )

*click images for full view// taken with Kodak 400 on my Canon EOS Rebel K2

9 responses to “Portrait Week: The Twins

  1. I love the moment you captured in the last picture! So full of life. Those girls seem like a ton of fun! It must be so cool to be a twin. I can’t imagine!

  2. I think these are well captured! Sounds like you had so much fun living with them. I have a feeling that I might get along with them real well. I love Friends and Harry Potter!

  3. oleh happy birthday to the twins! couldn’t help but laugh about Jay Chou, I don’t get his appeal or his ‘talent’ – my boyfriend says his mandarin songs are awesome.

    P.S. Am really enjoying Portrait Week!

    • Haha I don’t know much about him, I just wasn’t a huge fan of that poster.

      I’m glad you’ve been enjoying portrait week!

  4. I think these are very well captured! I have a feeling that I might get along real well with these girls, I love Friends and Harry Potter!

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