I’m feeling a little bit nostalgic today.

If you like seeing these photos from Japan let me know, I’d be happy to do “nostalgia” posts now and then. I also encourage you to look through the archives here if you’re curious about my year in Tokyo. It seems so far away now that I sometimes wonder if it really happened at all!

* I took these photos with my old digital camera (RIP)


15 responses to “Nostalgia

  1. Cool! I like these.

    It’s kind of funny..earlier I was thinking of featuring some pictures that my boyfriend took in Tokyo because he just headed there a few days ago!

  2. aww…I miss Yagami River. such a great place to run and do my writing and smoke and throw bread at ducks and play with fireworks. thanks for bringing up those memories again

  3. hey, allison. sorry i haven’t commented this thing in a while. i liked those last portrait posts. Taking portraits is probably my favorite thing shoot AFTER flowers and the sky, of course.

    Seeing these Japan pictures makes me feel super nostalgic too. Hmmm, by this time a year ago, I had already been to Japan once where I was formally introduced to you by Ben for the first time in Shibuya. ‘Member Anis?!

    Once in a great while, I will in fact, go through your archives, all the way back to when you had your point & shoot digital camera. Vintage Allison, I call it. I know deep down you sometimes wish you still used it. It’s so konbini!

    • Of course I remember Anis! That’s still one of the strangest encounters I’ve ever had. And you’re right, I have to admit that sometimes I miss my digital camera.. If the battery hadn’t died I would probably still use it occasionally!

  4. ノスタルジックさん!


    • I’m waiting patiently!
      Hurry up already!
      Haha I will tell my whole family to start saving money to go to Japan : )

  5. I like all of these pictures! In fact these might be my favorite so far, WHERE have you been HIDING these GEMS!!!?? I miss Japan

    • I think I posted them separately at one point or another while we were still there! I miss it too..Are you saving up for a trip? I’m trying!

  6. i like these too!
    it´s true that one should go thru photo archives.. they sometimes surprise me, “oh i didn´t remember that one..” so many memories and feelings involved..

  7. the nostalgic photos are great! your pictures from japan were the reason i first visited this blog..but i loved your pictures so much, i just kept coming back!
    the mystery dates look so sweet..that or your pictures just make everything look so good! :)

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