Seattle Waterfront

Here’s a few more photos I took on the waterfront before we boarded the ferry. I always like watching those massive cargo ships come in and unload. I think they’re coming from China but I’m not positive. That movie I mentioned a while back, Manufactured Landscapes has some really interesting shots of them being loaded in China and eventually broken down in Bangladesh.

I also think the giant red cranes look an awful lot like dinosaurs : )

Have a good weekend!

*click images for full view//taken with kodak 400 on my canon eos rebel k2


12 responses to “Seattle Waterfront

  1. I’m a little surprised to see cargo ships on waterfront, because we don’t have any, at least not where people likes to call waterfront. I believe they’re about 2-3KM away from the ferry terminal here. I really like the building on far left.

    • Yeah I’m not sure what that building is.. I think its right next to the Seattle Art Museum, though, which is a really interesting building that escaped my photo. The black one on the far right is the tallest downtown, and I’ve heard that you can go to the top for only $5 so I might make an adventure of it soon.

  2. You did a really nice job of the exposure of that first shot. It can kinda tricky with horizon landscapes. Nice job! =)

    • Thanks John! By the way, you’ll have to take a look at my AE-1 when I see you and tell me if I’m crazy or it really isn’t working! Haha

  3. cargo ships and harbors are fascinating. very nice photos.

    there was a harbor a bit like that in Helsinki city center too just while ago, but they now moved cranes and all a bit further. pity, cause i think they are beautiful in their own way too.

  4. I like the first picture!!! It almost looks like the objects in the bottom right corner of the picture were photoshopped in! awesome! miss youuuuuuuu!

    • Thanks Yuko! I don’t think I’d be able to use photoshop that well in a million years : P

      miss you too! where are all the japan photos? I’m waiting!

  5. Great photos. I’ve always been fascinated by port cities. It’s cool to see trade and commerce literally taking place right in front of you.

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