Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day, mom.

Thank you for always being so supportive of me. For encouraging me to be myself, always telling me you’re proud of me, always telling me I’m beautiful, and most of all, for being as much a friend as a parent. I’m sorry I didn’t get a card to you in time for today but next time I see you I’ll make up for it. We’ll get pizza pi to go and watch the sailboats go by on the water, ok? : )

Love, Alli

*taken with kodak 400 on my canon eos rebel k2 (these are from the first roll of film I took with this camera, over a year ago)


15 responses to “Happy Mother’s Day

  1. Ahhhhh… You’re the Best daughter a Mom could ever hope for (even though you know I hate that first pic…)
    Love you sooo much…
    Good luck in all of your new endeavors and adventures!

  2. Aw that is such a nice tribute! It isn’t mother’s day here (ours was a while ago) but it is nice to hear about other people’s great mums (or moms) :)

  3. Oh I admire the relationship you and your mom have! She said the sweetest thing in her comment :D And she’s so funny too. It’s so nice to know you both cherish each other too yknow!

    P.S. I’m over the moon you’re using that photo as your desktop picture!

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