Happy Birthday Ben

Everyone, my little brother is turning 21 today! I can’t believe it.

Ben, when did you get so old? I hope you have an amazing day (even though you have to write two essays) & enjoy your first (legal) drinks in the US. You’re pretty much the best brother I could ask for. You’re one of my favorite people to hang out with and you crack me up more than anyone else. Even though I can’t say I appreciate your hobbies as much as you do, I’ll admit that your beard is looking a lot fuller and you do have mad hockey knowledge. Better drink lots of water tomorrow… : )

*click images for full view//taken with kodak 400 on my canon eos rebel k2 (on my first roll of film with this camera!)


6 responses to “Happy Birthday Ben

  1. Happy birthday Ben! I’ll get yo a real hockey stick instead of a tree branch.

  2. Hi Everyone, it’s Undercover Mom. I’m here visiting and I’ve hijacked Alli’s computer (shhh…don’t tell!) I just wanted everyone to wish Ben a Happy 21st Birthday today :) !!!

  3. My brother’s called Ben too! Benjamin tho. And so is my boyfriend, but just Ben for him. Ha!

    Do you both live apart? I’ve been missing my brother a whole lot lately and he’s my favourite person to hang out with too!!

    I hope you had a memorable 21st birthday Ben!

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