Wait for the Summer

The weather is perfect today and I’m listening to Yeasayer and feeling rather elated. The U-District Street Fair & the Cheese Festival are happening this weekend and I don’t have any major assignments due on Monday! Hooray!

Any exciting plans for you guys?

*click images for full view//taken with kodak 400 on my canon eos rebel k2


13 responses to “Wait for the Summer

  1. The weather looks lovely over there! I’ll pretend I’m there through your pictures!! :)
    I hope you have fun at the U-District Street Fair and the Cheese Festival! I love fairs/festivals! I’m off to see my cousin for the first time this year! :) I miss you! Have a great day!!!

    • I miss you too! I didn’t make it to the cheese festival after all – for some reason that happens every year! haha oh well we’ll have to go together next year! hope you had fun with your cousin!

  2. I love these photos. I recently took some photos too of flowers and plants! I will upload them soon! I love the third photo, the flare and the focus, so beautiful :)

    Haha I love ANTM, it makes me laugh and it’s very enjoyable! :)

  3. That last photo is so summery! My sister and I went downtown yesterday and the weather was awesome. Hope you enjoy your weekend and the festivals!

  4. the last picture makes me feel good. lying in the grass under a bright blue sky. likely sneezing from all the pollen and allergens in the air.

  5. Whoop a cheese festival, fun and bring mints or something! Haha to curb stinky breath after tasting stinky cheese. The ridiculously awesome sunlight in your recent photos is really making me want to stop sneezing and go outside!

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