Here are a few portraits of my little brother! Quite a character, huh? His girlfriend Andrea (in the third picture) came to visit him again all the way from the middle of Canada, so he was in pretty good spirits. I’ve told you how they met right?

Hope you all had wonderful weekends (full of alliteration, right b?). I’ll tell you about mine when I have more energy to post, but I’d love to read about yours. : )

*click images for full view//taken with kodak 400 on my canon eos rebel k2

9 responses to “Benjamin

  1. haha so good. this wonderful weekend i perused prague, pet a panda, and picked my nose. really? no. well yes. but not the panda part. <– !! don't say pp.

  2. Aww it must have been nice to see your little brother. I have a brother too! I hope he can visit me in San Francisco sometime!!! Oh please visit SF too, we could hang out and take photos!

    • Actually he lives in Seattle too – I’m lucky!

      I would LOVE to visit you (and Katrina!) in SF sometime!!! I’m sure I’d take a zillion rolls of film.

  3. The street is my stage

    stop talking about me so fondly! people will think we get along or something

  4. i had to read that story of your brother and his girlfriend. aww, life is sometimes so suprising and sweet!

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