Alley Cat

Random assortment of photos today. The ones of me were taken by Paul. (& the title is a nod to one of my nicknames as a kid).

Last night I finally took on the monumental task of organizing all my film cds and negatives from the past year or so. It took me two hours and they’re still not exactly in chronological order, but the CDs are at least matched with the negatives! I vow to never let them get separated again. What do you do to keep your photos in order?

*click images for full view/ taken with kodak 400 on my canon eos rebel k2


16 responses to “Alley Cat

  1. I love your gold jacket!

    I have a little system of organizing my CDs and negatives. Before loading a roll of film in my camera, I write down the name of film and camera in a small notebook with a number and the date. For example, #10 Olympus XA, Fuji x-tra 400, May 14 2010. Once I finish the roll, I go back to the notebook and write down the date I finished the roll. When I pick up my negatives and CD, my photolab puts them in a small envelope so when I get home I write the number on the envelope as well (here would be #10) so I can always track down the CD and negs, which does not leave the envelope unless I need them. Does that make sense?

    • That sounds like a really smart system. I’m impressed that you write down the details even before you start the roll! I’m inspired and going to make a concerted effort to keep better notes about my film!

  2. my photo archive is basically just a mess;) most of them in a hard disc, some cd`s there and there, few huge banana boxes full of paper photos and negatives.. should find a better way to store them.

    i also like your golden jacket and your blue nails. fit well together:)

  3. Having called you AlliCat since you were but a little girl, Sorry to embarrass! Can you now do a feature on your cousin Claire who I have called Claire Bear since she was a baby! Maybe you have her standing near a bear den somewhere?

  4. i just keep the cd and negatives together in the envelope that the prints came in. is that really so hard to do . . . ?


    • Haha I hate you, you know?

      Its true though.. it shouldn’t be that hard. The main issue was with my photos from Japan, which I didn’t pack very well. Since then I’ve done an ok job of keeping the cds with the negatives, but not making sure their in any kind of chronological order.

  5. Alley Cat is such an adorable name!!! You’re looking so rocker in that gold jacket and those boots are awesome! You look quite bundled, is it cold-ish in Seattle now? It is by the ocean… the weather has been super weird in San Francisco too! My files are super disorganized too at the moment. When I go back to Hong Kong, I’ll have lots of time to reorganize…

    • Its been really erratic here! Sunny and then cold and back and forth. I think Seattle and San Francisco must have sort of similar weather, but you’re probably always a bit warmer huh?

      How long are you going to be in Hong Kong? I’m getting REALLY excited to see your photos from there!

  6. i organize my pics in these folders:

    >> month
    >> date_cameraType

    though, i’ve been urged to use LightRoom, which is a digital photography management system by Adobe.

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