As If By Magic

The sun makes everything look so dreamy in the early evening, doesn’t it?

Yesterday on twitter I asked for music recommendations and I got so many great suggestions! Thanks to everyone who responded & I’d love to hear more if you have them! At the moment I’m really digging La Roux, courtesy of one of my favorite bloggers, Ms. Avalonne Lou Summers : )


16 responses to “As If By Magic

  1. I love the first picture of the boats. It’s so nice living by the ocean in the summer time :)

    The new LCD Soundsystem album is really good and I would also recommend checking out the new album from The Radio Dept. I was in a bit of a music rut so I’ve been downloading a lot lately.

  2. haha, just try to not let bulletproof get stuck in your head!

    If you’ve got more photos from my birthday party/when Dr.Dre-a was here I’d love to see them, even if they aren’t blog worthy/you blog has been saturated with me lately.

  3. Wish I was a spider living on that web in the last photo, what a view from there! I just read about Avalonne on Katrina’s blog! If you girls are such fans of hers, it must be right up my alley too :D

  4. ^^ those pictures are truly beautiful. i didn’t know you had a twitter acount so i’ve started to follow you

  5. These pictures are so lovely! I’m going to have to check out La Roux, I’m searching for new music at the moment as well.

  6. Allie, always a pleasure to visit your site! I also love the first picture of the wooden boats. The large one is called Olympus and I have actually had the pleasure of being aboard. There are great themed rooms with framed classic bathing suits! Hope to connect soon!

    • Hey Celia, thanks for commenting : )
      That’s so cool that you’ve been on that boat! Do you know the owners or was it for some kind of event?

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