Thank you guys so much for all your comments and suggestions about the new layout! I’d still love to hear from more of you, so if you have any other thoughts it would be nice to hear them. I saw that many of you thought the text on the right side of the page was hard to read so I changed the background to a lighter image. What do you think? Is it easier to read and more noticeable now?

I’m down in Portland for the weekend, buying a few apartment things (I’m moving!) and getting lots of photos made into large prints. I get to do the gallery at my cousin’s cafe, Mon Ami pretty soon so I’m trying to prepare for that – hooray!


31 responses to “Thoughts?

  1. I like the new layout a lot! And I think the lighter image helps with the text.

    Where are you moving to? I have a love/hate relationship with moving.. it’s always kind of exciting but stressful at the same time. I’m going to have to try and figure out how to condense all my stuff so I can get it to Holland in August.. ahhh!

  2. I really love your blog … it sounds corny but it made me feel at home; very warm and cozy … and it’s packed with so much so I’ll be visiting alot… thanks for posting …

  3. No, Allison. The background and right-side bar still clash too much making it illegible, therefore making this entire blog undesirable to look at.

    It’s fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine. It’s like this picture and theme were meant to be used together.

  4. アリソンちゃん!

    Aw, thanks so much for the VL banner! =) I really like this new layout – it’s busier than the old one but I think it enables you to showcase more of your work at once! My only suggestion – making the fonts for the category listings (“Food & Drink” etc. at the top the same as the entry headers?

    • Yeah no problem, I’m grateful for the nice interview!
      I agree with you about the font, unfortunately I have to pay wordpress to edit the CSS so I think I’ll just leave it as is.

  5. Wow!wow!wow! Your photos will be displayed at your cousin’s cafe!!! That’s awesome! I’m really excited for you! Have you selected the photos!? I wonder what photos you’re be exhibiting coz’ you have taken so many :)

    btw. I had a great time chatting with Nozomi & Ryoko today at Koenji :)

    • I’m still in the process of deciding – let me know what your favorites are! That would help a lot.

      I wish I could have joined you guys today – I miss it there!

  6. Yeah, it’s much more legible! I like!

    You guys found a place??? Where at where at? I’m excited to hear more about the move! Let’s skype sometime, yeah?

  7. I like the new layout :-)

    I can’t pinpoint one thing, but I think if anything it’s healthy to change things around a little every now n then to keep it fresh. Keep blogging, your pics always seem to be really interesting! Don’t know how you do it ^^;

  8. Hah! I can’t wait to see a photo-shoot of all of your photos… I thought it’d be funny to see a picture of a bunch of pictures…it’d be like a vanity thing… like you looking in a mirror…nvm

    But the photos of your film look really neat and your b-log looks so professional and inviting!

  9. Congrats on having a display, that’s so exciting! You’ll have to show us what it was like, and which pictures were displayed. I was wondering, do you have a macro lens? You seem to have some close-up photos, which I can’t get with my lens. I need to be at least 0.6m away to be in focus.

    • Thanks Jackie!

      We just changed the date to November actually, so I’ve got a while! I have a different one coming up in August though so I’ll be sure to let you guys know about it.

      Also, I don’t have a macro lens, but mine is 28-90mm, so I can get fairly close up. I got my canon eos rebel k2 on ebay with the lens included for only $60, so I’m sure you could find one for a pretty good price.

  10. I loooove the layout. It’s so fun! Also, thank you for the awesome suggestion on how to organize my negs/cds/contact sheets. I’ve been at a loss as to how to keep them organized! :)

  11. Allison! I love the new layout. I haven’t been keeping up w/ the blogs well this week so I didn’t get to see the one you originally posted :/…now I’m really curious! Did you change the picture entirely, or just lighten this one up? Anyway, I love the background; I think it’s perfect for your blog. And in terms of just aesthetics, it looks REALLY good. I’ve been having a really hard time finding a wordpress template I like. I don’t know if you noticed but I changed my layout about a million times and I’m still not happy with it at all. It seems like a good background pic can really help…

    • Thanks! Its so true.. I wish they had a better variety of layouts. I think this one is good because it feels more customized. Its probably good to change it up now and then like you do though! : )

  12. I like that the comments are at the bottom, it’s logical! Coral is a great colo(u)r too.

  13. I, too, like the layout. The overall color’s great.

    You know, it might have been since you switched to posting pix directly from flickr, but I’ve been finding your blog a bit slower to download. It’s nothing unbearable or anything like that. It’s just that I was wondering if it was just me or what. :-)

    • Its definitely not just you, I’ve noticed its much slower. Its just such a pain to pay for wordpress space upgrades! Have you had to do that yet?

  14. lots of fun stuff around here! the site looks just great, but it too a long long time to load.
    exciting about your move! where to?

    • I know I wish it would go faster! I’m not really sure if there’s anything I can do about that though. I’m just moving to another neighborhood here in Seattle : )

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