Portland Streetcar

I wish Seattle had one of these! Does your city have a good public transportation system? Seattle is working on a light rail, which will be amazing when its finally finished, but I sure miss Japan’s train networks.

You guys… I’m graduating in just over a week!

*click images for full view//taken with kodak 200 on my canon eos rebel k2


14 responses to “Portland Streetcar

  1. Transportation in Halifax isn’t so great, just buses, but I guess it’s not bad for the size of the city and population. There are routes that runs every 10 minutes to every hour, then there are some that doesn’t run after certain hours. My bus from home to downtown only runs a few times a day, twice in the morning then twice in the evening.

  2. yeah, the light rail will be wonderful once it’s all done!!!
    congrats on graduating so very soon! :)

  3. If there’s one thing I miss more than the food, it’s the awesome trains they have in Japan! My city (St. Louis) has okay transit, but it can take a lot of planning to get to certain places. We have light rail connecting some of the universities and touristy parts of town as well as buses, so it’s easy to get to those places. Otherwise, it can be hard to rely on public transportation without restricting where you live or work or sacrificing a lot of time. My 20 minute car drive to work turns into almost 2 hours by bus. :(

    Anyway congratulations on your new place and finishing school!!!

    • Oh my gosh… 2 hours! Yikes. I dream of the day the US will have a transportation system like Japan, don’t you? : )

  4. Mine does! Buses and trains :) The only time I rode in a streetcar was in Melbourne, Australia and it’s felt so much cooler cos it’s sorta both a bus and a train in one? I think streetcars give a city a lot more character, with the cables and tracks on the street. I love the first and second photo a lot!

    • Thanks Melly! the Portland ones are extra nice too because they’re free!

      I want to go to Singapore someday!

  5. Love your Portland shots and the new layout! Portland’s streetcar system was so nice–I also wish we had one! Seattle may be a super cool city but if I could make one thing better it would be a decent public transportation system.

  6. lovely photos, they work really well together! exiting that you are graduating soon. the transportation system in copenhagen is quite good. we recently got a metro which is really nice.

    have a great weekend allison!

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