This amazing time-lapse video of Tokyo is stunning and completely worth 8 minutes of your day. I promise. Watching it almost got me a little teary… The title of the film, Hayaku, actually means “quickly,” and I can’t believe how quickly my year living in Tokyo went by and how fast time has gone since I’ve been back. I guess that’s always how life is though, right?

Seriously though (assuming now that you’ve seen it), isn’t it gorgeous?Thank you Jacob for telling me about it.


9 responses to “Hayaku

  1. Wonderfully done. Even though the film was fast stop action, the way the camera or style of showing panaramic shots made it feel like slow motion. I felt like I could watch it over and over again looking for more things.

  2. AWESOME!!
    Thanks for sharing it, those 8 mins were full worth it!!!
    Really fascinating moves of the camera.

  3. WOW does not even begin to describe it! The clarity is superb yet it’s soft at spots too. My favourite bit is around 5:45… just so beautiful. And the clouds in the mountains, how did they manage to shoot all that! Two thumbs up. (And I RT it too :D)

  4. Oh wow, I especially liked the view of the clouds rushing over the mountains. So pretty :-) *after watching some more* The river shots are also stunning! That is some really skilled camera work

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