Using a film camera sure does have its surprises! I’m still not sure quite why, but the shutter wouldn’t close all the way for my ENTIRE last roll of film. Paul fiddled around with it for a few minutes and it seems to be back to normal after just taking a zillion shots in a row. Now I’ve got 24 half shots to show you guys! Hahaha oh boy…

Anyway… That’s Vanessa, Michelle, me and Katy in that last photo. We celebrated finishing our final with a Stella at Solstice and then set up my camera for a self-timer shot. Bummer that it didn’t come out as we intended, but might as well laugh about it! : )


19 responses to “Half-closed!

  1. Did you use any flash for those pictures? If you are, shutter sync with the flash-shutter button can not coordinate, causing part of the image to be blocked by the shutter.

    • Oddly enough I don’t recall using flash a single time! Any other possibilities? Do you think I may have just bumped the shutter curtains when I was loading the film?

  2. i think they look cool. i like wanna physically try to look under the black to see the rest of the picture.

    thanks for the approval of my body modifications.

  3. Oh I wish I could see the rest of second photo! It looks like it’s a scene from an old classic movies. At least you can see everyone in the last photo!

  4. awww, that’s too bad… the photos look great nonetheless! and I guess it’s kinda exciting seeing the pictures turn out differently from what you think it will be!? :D

  5. congrats on finishing your last final!!! i still have one more to go on thurs. when’s your graduation ceremony?!

  6. ahhh dont for get about mE!!!!

    and since i havent been on in a while NICE new setting!! =]


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