Forever Young

My friend Katy took these pictures of Michelle (aren’t her green eyes beautiful?) and I goofing off at Forever 21 last weekend. A few of those rings are actually mine.. can you guess which ones? I only wish I had gotten a photo of Katy in the hilarious plaid leotard thing she tried on…

If you’re interested in doing a gift exchange with me (just for the heck of it) leave a comment on this post by Friday & you’ll be entered into a drawing for the exchange!

*click images for full view//taken with kodak 200 on my canon eos rebel k2 (by Katy)

8 responses to “Forever Young

  1. I was gonna say “You’re sho gangsta, Allison” but on closer inspection, the rings are more romantic than badass haha! I’m guessing the round ones belong to you?

  2. ooo, those rings are pretty cool! but maybe those are yours :D
    Also, that’s the place you were really wanting to work at, yeah? I’m so very excited for you!

  3. hey! you and i are green nail polish twins this week!

    okay, my guess for the rings you actually own:

    from the left pinky (top photo): rings #3 , #4

    does the winner get a prize? ;)

    • Wait, I’m not sure I know which ones you’re talking about it, but I think you got two of them : )

      Isn’t it the best nail polish?

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