twenty three

Its my birthday, folks!

Twenty two was a good year for so many reasons and you can be certain this little blog was one of them. I never imagined it would get the amount of attention it has, that I would meet people from Denmark, Singapore, Spain, New Zealand, and so many other states and countries. I really appreciate all your views and comments and I love doing this. Thank you : )

Here’s to year number twenty three!


27 responses to “twenty three

  1. Happy Birthday Allison!

    Hope you have a great day / night and celebrate in style. KANPAI!!

    Thanks for the great photos, lookin forward to many more!

    p.s YAY New Zealand!

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    (a bit early, your time!)
    I was just thinking, I’m not sure we’ve ever celebrated our Birthdays together! Hopefully next year!!
    Hope you’re enjoying summer solstice!

  4. Been a silent reader for some time now, really enjoy looking at your photography. Happy Birthday!

    Really like your top, just wna ask where did you get it? :)

    • Aww thanks for commenting! I appreciate silent readers of course but its nice to hear your thoughts too!

      I’m sorry I can’t remember where I bought the top though! : (

  5. Happy birthday Allison! You’re such an incredibly gifted photographer and definitely have a way with words- I’m sure the future holds nothing but great things for you. Hope you’re out celebrating!

  6. oh i remember when this was just “the little blog that could…” and you didnt think it would get anywhere!

  7. Happy Birthday Allison!
    All these birthdays in the last few days.
    I just love your photography, you are one talented lady.

  8. happy happy happy belated birthday, ALLISON!! your photos inspire me to take better pictures and i’m so happy that we met online!

  9. a belated congratulations from me also!! hope you had a wonderful day – sounds like it : ) the kid photos of you and ben are priceless. you look so cute!

    i’ve been out of the loop for a couple of weeks, but it’s good to be back.

  10. happy birthday allison! i love that first photo. hope your summer is kicking off to a good start!

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