celebrate your independence day

These pictures are actually from my birthday party a couple of weeks ago but I thought they fit the theme well enough. Does anyone have super crazy exciting plans for the 4th of July? The long weekend in general? The (regular) weekend if you’re not from the US?

I’ll be going out but I definitely plan to sleep half of the day tomorrow. Until then, I hope you get to see some incredible fireworks! (And do sparklers!)

*click images for full view//taken with kodak 200 on my canon eos rebel k2 (PS aren’t my friends adorable? Michelle made those pies for me!)


8 responses to “celebrate your independence day

  1. Happy Independence Day! When I was younger my family used have a crazy fireworks celebration for both the 4th of July and Canada Day in Washington [2 of my uncles live there]. It was a huge deal for me and my cousins when I was a kid! haha

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  3. Independence Day in SF is pretty funny to me because while July is one of the hottest months for most places, it’s cold and foggy here. So if you aren’t literally 2 feet in front of the firework shows, you can’t see shit. Not even obscure pulses of light. Nothing. You can hear em fine though.

    I hung out at a friends house the whole day. You would’ve liked it. Most of em are vegetarian/vegan/only eat fish, so no one really ate any meat. Except me. I ate hot dogs =) A lot.

    • Haha well that makes me feel better about Seattle! It rained most of the day here and was super foggy too. We still had fun though : )

      That does sound fun. I really need to get down to SF one of these days.

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