The Iliad

Isn’t that apartment building awesome? I wonder what its like to live there. We parked our scooters by there and went up the street to have lunch (and Thai iced coffees, as you see) at In The Bowl – one of my favorite places around here. I also noticed the remnants of another one of Karl’s self-portraits on a wall nearby. See it? Its always so funny stumbling upon his stuff. (How ya doin’ over there in Berlin, pal?)

Thanks for your comments on my last post! You guys are so nice. I’m fine now and I’m over it! Can’t get it back right? : ) How’s your week looking? Its finally summer here in Seattle and we jumped 20 degrees practically overnight!


10 responses to “The Iliad

  1. thai iced coffee! love those. i come from thailand but i go to school in the states. i just discovered your blog a few days ago and looking at your photos from your year in japan makes me smile. im going to japan in about 3 weeks, and im planning on taking tons of photos like you did :) thanks for the inspiration!

    • Hey Patt thank you so much for commenting! It really means a lot to me : )

      That’s really exciting that you’re going to Japan. I wish I was too! Do you have a blog or flickr that you plan to post your photos to?

      • Not yet but im planning on having a blog, and ill let you know :) Also, i really want to climb the mt. fuji when i go there but my japanese friend said that its gonna be very very crowded – too crowded. is it worth it going up there even with the big crowd?

      • It was pretty crowded.. it was also wayyy more difficult than I expected it to be. I was really unprepared though, just went last minute on a whim. It was worth it to see the sun rise at the top but the walk down seemed really long. Did you find my post about it?

  2. Yes I did! I just think it would be very beautiful to see the sunrise and such. Now I just need to somehow convince my friend to do this with me : )

  3. I really like this set of photos!

    It’s so warm here in Vancouver too.. I wish I had a swimming pool right about now.

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