The Pretty Parlor (Seattle, WA)

The prettiest shop in all of Seattle. I felt like I was walking onto the set of Moulin Rouge when I went into this lovely vintage/local designer clothing shop. Honestly I wanted to buy almost everything I saw and I’ll definitely be going back when I save up a little bit. I did walk away with a little black porcelain cat though. I don’t even like cats much in real life but this  one is so elegant. I’ll show you soon. : )

Wouldn’t you love to decorate your bedroom like this?

*click images for full view//taken with kodak 200 on my canon eos rebel k2


15 responses to “The Pretty Parlor (Seattle, WA)

  1. This is a lovely shop for sure! But what I like the most are the beautiful colors you’ve captured. I wish I’d have the courage to take pictures into the shops I like, but I’m usually too shy to ask.
    Just to know, what happened at the end with your canon ae-1?

    • I was a little nervous to ask but the owner was really friendly : )

      Oh that poor camera, I still haven’t taken it in to be fixed! I keep pushing it back to my next paycheck! : P

  2. Okie I have to visit you in Seattle! This shop is absolutely delicate and wonderful. I would totally decorate my room/apartment like that if I could!!! Great photos! One day when I have an unlimited budget, I would totally go all out and decorate my apartment like that!

  3. That shop looks so whimsical.. and also like it has a ton of cute stuff! Where abouts in Seattle is it?

  4. That first shot would have been a good use for the polorizing filter. It can removing the reflection of the sheet off so you can see the sign.

  5. Oh I would definitely not escape from that shop without a tutu in my bag! I’ll have to check it out sometime when I am passing through town :) I bet if I buy the boy some football tickets he’ll put up with a quick shopping detour!

  6. I literally always gush whenever I see a tutu, they’re just magnificent dreamy things! And I also gaga-gush when I see photos on blogs of girls who live with their pretty dresses hanging on their walls. So this shop is like a bountiful place filled with things people can actually own!!

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