contes d’estels i lluernes

Instead of posting my own photos today, I’m sharing a few from one of my favorite blogs, contes d’estels i lluernes. contes d’estels i lluernes is the blog of Paula Bonet, a film photographer and student living in Spain. Paula usually puts up beautiful photos of dreamy scenes around the Mediterranean, but has recently been posting pictures from her trip to Japan this past Spring. She captured the scenery and the feeling so perfectly to me – that feeling of being a complete foreigner in a beautiful and overwhelming place – and didn’t miss any of the little details. Here are a few of my favorites:

Aren’t they mesmerizing? Go see the rest for yourself !

contes d’estels i lluernes




11 responses to “contes d’estels i lluernes

  1. They are wonderful! Truthfully sometimes I can’t look at photos of Japan as I feel so torn in half – I want to be both here and over there. Maybe you know what I mean? However those are such great photos I am glad to look at them even though it is a bit bittersweet : )

    • I definitely know the feeling. Every now and then I have a thought like, ‘I should go have hiyashichuuka for lunch,’ and realize where I am and it’s a bit of a bummer.

  2. her photos are BEAUTIFUL and so なつかしい!! i missed japan so much when i looked at her pictures . . . sigh! haha

  3. Japan is a beautiful country! I would love to visit Tokyo. I’ve been to Osaka and Kyoto and Hokkaido for skiing. I love her photography! Trust me the food in Japanese is to DIE FOR! :)

    • You’re so lucky you’ve been to Hokkaido! My friends went during our Spring Break there but I came back to visit the states.

  4. the one of the fish is crazy beautiful. japan is so on the list for the next country i have to explore!

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