Did I mention that it’s finally summer here in Seattle?

It’s kind of a joke here that summer doesn’t actually start until after the fourth of July, even though everyone plans outdoor barbecues and fireworks shows anyway.  Sure enough this year it was gray and rainy on the 4th and sunny and warm on the 5th. I love it though, summer is so perfect here it makes the rest of the year worth it. : )

*click images for full view//taken with kodak 200 on my canon eos rebel k2


16 responses to “Did I mention that it’s finally summer here in Seattle?

  1. !!! i love these photos. they are exactly what i am seeing and enjoying right now, too. you captures the fruit stand so perfectly.

  2. The colors in these photos are gorgeous. I wish California had a late start to summer; I’m sick of sweating without physically exerting myself. Anyways, happy summer to you!

    Thanks for the kind comments and visits you’ve made to my blog! I’m grateful that you did because it led me to your space here. I’m adding you to my Google Reader and to my link list and will be visiting frequently!

  3. i had a long hard think the other day and i decided that cherries are my favourite fruit, they really are dam tasty! :-D

  4. Dear Allison,

    Your photography is beautiful. I want cherries so badly! Summer doesn’t actually start till late August in San Francisco, isn’t that insane? I’m glad summer has arrived in Seattle? Enjoy the warm weather and take lots of summer photos for us :)

  5. hi,

    i love your photos, I love the textures, the colors, the crispiness, I love everything about them :)

  6. The colours in these photos are great! I love the cherries and lavender. I’m glad summer has made its way to the PNW :)

  7. awesome pictures!
    I’m glad to hear that summer is finally in Seattle!! Hope you’re enjoying it to the fullest!
    Now I’m craving cherries too!!! (drool…)

  8. I miss summers in Seattle … Atlanta is brutal … its been 90 plus everyday but two this whole miserable summer :-) … enjoy

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