Take it to the Streets

I finally got some pictures from the 4th of July developed!

As you can see it was a typical gray and rainy Seattle day but we had fun anyway. Aren’t Michelle, Jill and Karina cute? True professionals when it comes to dressing around a theme!

It’s funny to look at these weeks after taking them…I’ve been thinking it might be fun to hold on to a couple rolls of film until I forget what’s on them so that it will be a surprise when I get them developed. Do you ever do that?

*click images for full view//taken with kodak 200 on my canon eos rebel k2 (Michelle took the photo of Paul & I)


16 responses to “Take it to the Streets

  1. This looks like wicked fun.

    I almost always forget what’s on my film rolls until I actually pick them up from the drugstore. I’ve got sooooo many undeveloped rolls, though, that I don’t think I’ll ever be able to catch up! Oh well, I’ll always have content for blog posts, I suppose.

  2. ahh love these. I have three undeveloped rolls with no idea what’s on them except disneyland. so excited :]


  3. I love this post, the pictures are absolutely cute.
    About the film, I usually forget what’s inside of some of my film rolls as many times I wait until I have 4 or so to get them developed (it’s cheaper that way ;P).

  4. I usually know what’s on my roll because I usually take them in right away, but last time I took 4 rolls to the drug store I couldn’t remember what was on any of them. It sure was surprising to see some pictures when I got my CDs back.
    Looks like you guys had a great time!

  5. such lovely pictures! The one of you and Paul is SO CUTE! That’s my most favourite picture of you and Paul I’ve seen!

    I have the opposite? problem. I so rarely take film photos that I always forget what’s on my film by the time I develop it! :D

  6. All that grey sky reminds me of Vancouver :P

    Looks like you had lots of fun! I wish I could say the same for Canada Day for me.. I was recovering from jet lag, yuck.

  7. it looks like you had a great 4th. i always forget to turn in rolls of film and one time i lost a roll and found it at few months later! it is a little sad to get photos back after it’s been so long, but it is also a fun surprise and the best recipe for drumming up nostalgia.

  8. Hi, I just saw you on Brinja’s blog. I like your photos very much! i also use a film camera and have just dropped off my first rolls to be developed. I wonder, what kind of film do you use? I love the light and colour in yours :-)

    • Thank you for commenting Jane! That’s exciting about your roll of film – do you have a blog or flickr account you’ll be posting the photos to? I’d love to see them.

      I usually use Kodak 200 or 400 film. In these photos I used 200.

      • Thanks! I’m using fujifilm 200, I’ve heard kodak is good so I’ll try that too. I suppose the type of camera effects the colour and tone of the photographs too, doesn’t it?
        I’m glad I discovered your blog, I’ll definitely be coming back!

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